The absolute contrast to ceremonious traveling abroad with obligatory tours of museums and slow sightseeing walk of historical centre is crazy party-tourism, that means going to another country on purpose to have fun, hung up and to join the club life of local youth. Parties and performances last on resorts all day and night long; therefore it is easy to lose the sense of time and reality in an impulse of impetuous fun.

The world capital of party-tourism is considered to be the Spanish island Ibiza situated in the southwest of Mediterranean Sea. Here gather groups of teenagers and the Dj-s from all over the world in search of entertainment and amusement. The cleanest beaches with white sand, the tender sea, the green meadows and foothills, the freakish and tiny architecture make this island one of the best resorts of Europe.

The life of the island twists around the life of the clubs, which number is way bigger than the number of municipal buildings. Loud lively music of any kind is heard here literally from each corner, and discos are organized directly in the streets. The tourist season proceeds from May till October, but even in winter there are enough foreigners on Ibiza. The opening of club season takes place at the end of May in the club “Es Parades” and abates only to the beginning of September. By and large the amateurs of quiet beach rest have no reasons at all to come here during summer: in the crowd of inveterate party-goers they will obvious be outsiders.

August is the season’s peak. This is when on the island begins a real chaos among tourists for whom there would not be enough taxis, or hotel rooms, or cubic meter of fresh air. Besides the August prices are ruthlessly overestimated, and the queue in clubs last on tens of meters along the coast. If time and money are precious for you and you are interested to find out whether there is life after Ibiza, then go there at the end of June, in July or at the beginning of September.

The majority of night clubs opens at midnight and work till morning. Officially the entrance in a club and the sales of alcoholic drinks are permitted only to the persons who have reached the age of 18, and usually this rule is strictly followed. The entrance ticket costs from 30 to 60 euros, the cheapest cocktail – somewhere about 10 euros, water and beer – 6 euros. So do not hope that the fifty euros grasped in a hurry will suffice you on having a good time. A quite good way to cut corners is to book a ticket beforehand or to reserve a flyer: it assures you with a discount of 5-6 euros and one free drink.

To bring in club your drink it is strictly forbidden: infringers would have to leave the place and to enjoy in his number the alcoholic drink, bought in Duty Free (as alcohol drinking in the street is punished by the law). The dress-code and a face-control are missing here, but especially extravagant characters can enter free of charge in some clubs.

Musical bars (the entrance here is free, binge is cheaper, and music is the same) and the musical beaches representing huge dancing floors on seacoast are considered a healthy alternative for clubs. Perhaps, most worthy of them are the beach Playa den Bossa, located in 5 minutes of driving from the city of Ibiza entirely surrounded by bars and cafes. Very popular among skilled the club -goers is the tropical bar Bora-Bora. The prices here are way not modest, as the public itself: in a separate part of club for visitors’ «dirty dances» huge wooden tables are shifted.

Right in the centre of Playa den Bossa is situated the night club “Space», which organizes at 8 o’clock in the morning something like an after-party for the most firm party-goers who have danced all night long without a break and are ready to take a second turn. The Tahiti Bar Is worth paying attention to, its main sight is considered to be a huge sprinkling hose from which the dancing crowd is poured with cold from time to time.

And here is one more important detail. Contrary to common opinion, the alcoholic-narcotic orgies on Ibiza are a rare phenomenon. Police squads pretty regularly arrange «tours» in the clubs and on the beaches, therefore for driving a car being drunk, not mentioning having used drugs one can easily get in the local prison.